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The Cats now have three internationally distributed releases on the band's own Behave Records label. Check 'em out!

Fires Below

FIRES BELOW is the latest release from Prairie Cats, available now from CDBaby and on iTunes!

1) Eve
2) The Shore
3) Babydoll
4) Fires Below
5) My Cavatina
6) Opposites
7) Waters Will Dance
8) Some Kind of Wonderful
9) I'm Your Man
10) Sharkskin
11) Just One More Time
12) Whole Town's Talkin'

'til the daytime fades

'TIL THE DAYTIME FADES was recorded in winter 2000-01, once again at Ware House Studios in Omaha, Neb. The 14-song disc was released independently in April 2001 on the Cats' Behave Records label, and was distributed worldwide by Hepcat Records of Anaheim, Calif. Download the album on iTunes, or get the disc at any Homer's (Omaha & Lincoln, Neb.) or Borders (Omaha, Neb.), order it online from CDNow.com or Amazon.com or BN.com, or contact the Cats to inquire about other ways of getting your hands on it!

1) Alley lyrics | MP3 (2.9 MB)
2) Five Martinis and a Beer
3) Sorry Don't Pay the Bills MP3 on SlamOmaha
4) Slow
5) Ol' Nellie
6) Takin' a Chance
7) Not in the Mood MP3 on SlamOmaha
8) Lover du Jour
9) Honeychild
10) Never Said
11) Swing That Thang
12) Rocketship
13) One Night Stan
14) Bacon Joe

The Big One!

THE BIG ONE, the debut release from Prairie Cats, was recorded in the spring of '99 at Ware House Studios in Omaha, Neb. The disc, released independently on the Cats' Behave Records label, features 12 smokin' original tunes. Hepcat Records of Anaheim, Calif. distributed the record worldwide, via retail and the web. The CD's art and design was crafted by "The Wrecking Crew," the artistic masterminds behind Swingtime Magazine. Download the album from iTunes, or order the disc online from Amazon.com, CDNow, Barnes and Noble or CD Connection, or contact the Cats for more info!

1) Kiss The Bottle lyrics
2) It's A Mystery lyrics
3) The Big One lyrics | MP3 on our MP3.com page
4) Goin' Downtown lyrics
5) Butterfly Woman lyrics
6) Throw Me A Bone lyrics
7) On The Prairie lyrics
8) Five O'Clock Stomp lyrics
9) Jump Start Jane lyrics
10) I Wanna Be Your Daddy lyrics
11) Lightning lyrics
12) Chasing Trains lyrics

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