n e w s
f a c t s
g i g s

t u n e s
p i c s
l i n k s
p r e s s
d i s c s
c a l l

by J. Koterba, 2000

I'm strolling down the street
Pair of two-tone shoes on my feet
Big wide tie and a nice new suit
Then I see her standing there in her boots
Sounds of the city, she looks so pretty
Glow of the moon runnin' through her hair
I'm a handsome man, she's a beautiful girl
And all I want is to get in her world

(CH) That's so up my alley
That's so down to my soul
That's so up my alley
That's where I want to go

Nightime streets poundin' out a beat
Car horn blares like a saxophone
This whole damn town has a big band sound
She takes my hand and I am gone
Dark little corner, a fire escape
Brick wall grafitti but make no mistake
I've been down the sunny side of life before
But tonight the alley is my dance floor


Once again I'm walkin' down the street
Big wide smile gotta brush my teeth
Lost my tie but I don't care
'Cause I got tangled in her hair
She told me her name but I don't know
Gave me her number said that I should phone
Sun burns my eyes gotta find my shades
I just can't wait 'til the daytime fades
(Just can't wait 'til the daytime fades)



Copyright 2001, Prairie Cats