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f a c t s
g i g s

t u n e s
p i c s
l i n k s
p r e s s
d i s c s
c a l l

Caught in the act!

NEW: Great pictures of Jazz on the Green 2003! All photos by Mark Davis.

Prairie Cats rock the crowd at the 2001 Hudson River Festival in NYC.
(Photo by Josh Koterba)

Check out our photo album and read our beloved "Boy Wrangler" EmJay's
cool column about our east coast 2001 trip!

Pics from the Cats' October 2001 performance at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. All photos by our pals Merinda and Laura

Cool photos from our September 2001 show at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. All photos by Brian King

Pics from the Cats' July 2001 show at the Zoo Bar in Lincoln, Neb. All photos by George Tuck, copyright 2001

Check out our big photo album from our 2001 east coast summer tour!

A cool photo slideshow from our CD release party for "'til the daytime fades" at Sokol Auditorium, Omaha, Neb! Also check out individual pics from the party: [photo 1], [photo 2] and [photo 3) (all photos by Matt Myers and Jason Grotelueschen)

Pics from the Cats' recording of "'til the daytime fades" at Ware House Studios (photos by Jason G, Joe Biesterfeld and assorted Cats)

Pics from the Cats' 2-year anniversary party at the 49er in Omaha! (photos by Rick Riley, Jason G and Beth G)

Photos of the official Prairie Cats motorcycle! It's too cool for words...look for yourself! (photos by Jason G)

Pics from July Jamm 2000 in Lincoln! [ pic 1 | pic 2 | pic 3 ] (photos by Bill Wagner, KZUM radio in Lincoln, Neb.)

Movies and photos from RAGBRAI 2000 in Council Bluffs! (photos by Joe Biesterfeld and friends)

...lots of photos and videos from our summer 2000 mini-tour! (also check out our online road journal, in HTML or Word doc formats)

The Cats depart Omaha (6/21)
Cats on the road to Ft. Collins, CO (6/21)
P-Cats rock the Sunset Night Club in Ft. Collins (6/21)
The Cats roll toward Vegas (6/22)
More pix from the LONG trip to Vegas (6/22)
R&R time in Las Vegas! (6/23)
More fun in Vegas (6/23)
Crossing the desert, from Vegas to L.A. (6/24)
The Cats rock The Derby, in L.A. (6/24)
Having fun in L.A. and Venice Beach (6/25)
Driving from L.A. to Albequerque, N.M. (6/26)
Driving from Albequerque to Denver, CO (6/27)
Cats rock the Mercury Cafe, in Denver (6/27)
Driving from Denver back to Omaha (6/28)

...cool photos from our June 19 show at the Omaha Community Playhouse! (photos by Eric Francis)

cats on stage
cats on stage II
cats on stage III
daddy k screams like a banshee
daddy k screams like a banshee II
jason croons for the people
jason croons for the people II
jason croons for the people III

...from the South By Southwest music festival, Austin, TX, 3/17/2000!!! (photos by Jen Childers)

Dan kicks brass, y'all (black 'n white)
Erik on the alto (black 'n white)
Crazed fans, feelin' the P-Cat love
Jason and Jeff K harmonize (black 'n white)
Jason and Dan kick out the jam (black 'n white)
Jason and squeezebox (black 'n white)
Jason, poised to pounce the mic (black 'n white)
Jason with squeezebox again
Jeff K rocks the house
Jeff K wails (black and white)
Jeff K, angst-ridden enigma
Prairie Cats and Dino Martinis (Dino Cats? Prairie Martinis?)
Larry makes the strings sing

...from the Music Box in Omaha, Neb., 3/8/2000 (photos by Jeff Beiermann)

Cats at the bar (where else?)
Cats on stage
Craig rocks the clarinet
Dan with bugle
Erik makes like a bumblebee
Jason throws 'em a bone
Jason looks dorky, while the horns play smooth
Jeff K and Jason rock it
Jeff K and Jason rock again
Jeff K, Jason and Larry
Jeff S lets the rhythm hit 'em
Kevin brings the noise
Larry and bass own the place

...from the Music Box in Omaha, Neb., 3/8/2000 (photos by Jen Childers)

Craig on the sax
Craig once again (black 'n white)
The P-Cat horns of ill repute
More horns in yo face
Jason with accordian (with EXIT sign)
Jason's big noggin
Craig sez: "gimme the mic!" (black 'n white)
Jason and Craig go wacky (and blurry)
Jeff K and Jason get snobby like the French
Jeff K makes the ladies swoon (black 'n white)
Jeff K with guitar (and evil devil eyes)
Jeff K swings, Rodney Dangerfield style
Jeff K admires his two-tones
Jeff K and Larry, vocalizing (black 'n white)
More Jeff 'n Larry
Jeff 'n Larry yet again
Jeff S: master of skins
Jeff S keeps da beat
Jeff S and Larry showboating
More bass-drumming with Jeff S and Larry
Jason, Erik and Dan get hep
Kevin wails (mmm...look at that embouchure)
Bassmaster Larry keeps the groove
We the Cats shall help ya
The Cats, lookin' good from the rear
The Cats rock on
More swingin' from the Cats

...Prairie Cats press photos! (photos by Jeff Beiermann)

The FIRST P-Cats photo, from fall of '98
Out on the prairie...taken early '99
From the album shoot for "The Big One" in spring '99
New photo, taken at Omaha's Music Box in March '00
Same new photo, in black 'n white

...from the Stork Club in Omaha, Neb., 3/7/99 (photos by Howard K. Marcus)

Jeff K plays the six-string thing
Larry on the bass
Jeff S on the skins
Former P-Cat Jim with the "muscle cheeks"
Wall o' horns
Jeff K rocks the house
Jason sez: "yeah, pappy"


Copyright 2001, Prairie Cats