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Prairie Cats!
Fires Below
Our newest CD is available now on iTunes and from CDBaby!

Prairie Cats!
'Til the Daytime Fades
Our second CD is available on iTunes and from CDNow.com, Amazon.com or BN.com!

Prairie Cats!
The Big One
Our debut CD is available on iTunes, or order the disc online from Amazon.com, CDNow, Barnes and Noble or CD Connection.

The Cats are back and playing new shows in 2018! Check out the "Gigs" page for info.

Check out our new YouTube channel, and our newly available Amazon song downloads from our first two albums! (1 | 2)

Prairie Cats, based in Omaha, Neb, bring high-energy original swing to the masses. Prowl around our site, and let us know you were here! We'll add you to our mailing list, and send you exclusive P-Cat news and updates.

To book Prairie Cats, contact:
Chris Acker

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Prairie Cats!

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